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Wood toy car isolated on white background. Side view. 3D rendering.


Building models is an art, a passion, a hobby, or a fun activity for the young and the old alike for years. The popularity has only increased in recent times with the availability of an array of variations. Earlier a stores model selection had limited varieties of model cars to choose from. But today consumers are spoilt for choice as a wide array of model designs; both from the past and present is available. You will find model airplanes, boats, even remote-controlled boats, cars, and helicopters. These kits allow you to build your favorite vehicle from nothing and race it around your neighborhood, town, and in case of a boat take it to the neighborhood pond or lake. What makes it more than a satisfying and enjoyable activity is the fact that you built it yourself.


If you are a student of architecture or engineering you can buy scale models of famous landmarks in construction that will captivate you and keep you busy while teaching you the basics of construction and design. Teenagers interested in pursuing a career in architecture, engineering, or construction will find this very interesting as it will encourage imaginative thinking while teaching about construction and material used, it will also develop problem-solving techniques. Learning critical skills such as following written directions, using specific tools for specific tasks, material handling and thinking out of the box will prove pretty handy before beginning a career in architecture, engineering, or construction. This does not mean it will teach a great deal about the actual building but will surely help in the understanding of the trade.


If this is done as a family activity, it will increase the bonding, as a lot of quality time will be spent together. In case your kids are too small to participate in model building cars, airplanes, or trucks they may be encouraged to use plastic building blocks such as Lego, which also requires a lot of dexterity, a certain amount of skill and are useful educational aids. Playing with such kits will eventually lead them into model building. They introduce challenging lessons as children progress from one system to another until the

Young Girl in an Aviator Costume Playing With a Toy Aircraft

child reaches a stage when he or she is ready to handle real materials and tools.

It has been observed that model building is an activity mostly enjoyed by males; however, it is heartening to know that more and more girls and women are now also taking interest and participating in it. The satisfaction of having created something unique which has no parallel in the world even if it is made from the same model building kit is equally important and encouraging to the girl child.


It is highly recommended that when kids are building something on their own, adults keep their hands away and let the kids experiment. In case a technique needs to be taught do it with separate parts and not with the model they are working on. This way the kids will learn the application of the technique in a much better way.

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